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Are you talented and think you have what to share and earn? If yes, we are currently hiring high-quality content writers for immediate employment.

Niche: How To Make Money Online (You can submit Topics for approval or Topics will be given). You may be required to be so resourceful so as to produce contents in areas that may not be so familiar to you.

Payments: N500 per article (payable on employee’s demand – daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)

Article qualities

All articles should be;
(1) not less than 1000 words (maybe more depending on the emerging ideas when writing)
(2) 100% original ideas and plagiarism free
(3) well informing (with bullet points and pictures) if applicable
(4) good command of English
(5) ability to engage readers and spark action.

Terms & Conditions:
(1) No one writer can submit more than three article per day.
(2) All articles will be reviews before approval, acceptance, and payment.

(3) After publishing, the article is ours and may not appear anywhere else.

How to Become our Content Developer
Interested Applicants should request or suggest a topic to the manager of this website.

He/She will write and submit an article on the topic.

Acceptance shall be based on the article(s) provided after assessment.

To Request for Topic or Suggest a Topic, send your CV and cover letter with the subject “Request for Topic” or “Suggested Topic:” to noahansa@gmail.com or through our contact page.

Photos: Photos are very helpful in providing visual aids to support your helpful offerings. All contributors are encouraged (not compulsory) to submit a photo with the post.

Photos must not be less than 700 pixels wide by 400 pixels long.

Photos must support the article by giving the reader a visual feel of the article contents.(if you don’t own the rights please give credit to the copyright owner, no web page or links allowed only name: example IMAGE BY JAMES OR IMAGE BY Noahansa).

(Optional) If accepted, you may be required to send us any source of identification ( a copy of national ID, Driver’s License or International Passport) for you Bio.

Our Writing Guidelines
(1) Article Topic: All articles should be on topics that are generally accepted.

These are Technology, education, health, wealth, business, investment, How-to Guides, banking, Traveling, Culture and Marriage, Relationship, Traveling and more.

(2) Keyword definition: Please make sure that you include and define to target word in the article in the first paragraph.

Any other stories may follow after that.

Also, the keyword should appear at least 10 times in the body of the article.

Do it in such a way not to irritate the reader.

(3) Related Search Terms: Before you write, put that topic in Google search. On Google search result, scroll to the bottom of the page and see the related search terms.

Make sure you embed the related search terms into your article.

(4) Article Length: The word count should not be less than 1000 words. It might be more. We have some writers that who publishes 2000+ words. So, do not limit your ideas to 1000 words. We expect you to write more.

It might be more. We have some writers that who publishes 2000+ words.

So, do not limit your ideas to 1000 words. We expect you to write more.

(5) Post Image: If you have a very relevant image, just copy it and paste it where you will want it to appear in the article.

Remember: We don’t accept spun articles. We will not approve it if it’s a spun article or copied content.

We do not take plagiarism lightly and we will remove your article without notifying you if we later detect plagiarism.

You may also get your account deleted for this.

Thank you.

Noah Ansa – IN Team Leader

@Noah Ansa

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