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Top 10 Business Ideas You Can Start With ₦100,000

Written by Noah Ansa

I have been asked severally by my readers and student on the possibility of starting a business with less than 100,000 naira in Nigeria. I have got many ideas for a business but the bane has been start-up capital. I thought for a while and said many Nigerians have good business ideas but have been restricted…

I have been asked severally by my readers and student on the possibility of starting a business with less than 100,000 naira in Nigeria. I have got many ideas for a business but the bane has been start-up capital. I thought for a while and said many Nigerians have good business ideas but have been restricted by capital.

below is the list of business ideas you can start with at least 100,000 naira in Nigeria. Regardless of your status, you can try these businesses with the required skills.

1. Baking & Selling Snacks
Baking and sales of snacks are a profitable business with little startup required. You only need to strategize by searching for a good location where you can explore. Your baking and selling of snacks will not be restricted to doughnuts, eggroll and meat pie. You can explore preparing and selling cakes, shawarmas, and popcorns with enough packaging to attract the attention of a passer-by.

You can also take advantage of doing what others are not doing. Create a niche and build a brand for your business, selling the tastiest snacks in the neatest and most attractive ways.

2. Mobile Phone Accessory Sales:
Mobile phone accessories sale is another business you can with 100,000 naira and has a large revenue potential if you create a niche for yourself. InfoguideNigeria spoke with Banji, a mobile phone accessories salesperson who attested to the fact that the business is a lucrative business with little capital needed.

You would agree that despite a large number of phone sales in the mobile market, the volume of phone accessories sales far exceeds the volume of mobile phones sold daily.

Many Nigerians take joy in changing their phone pouches, buying power banks, headset, earpiece, phone chargers, and more on a regular basis. A small stand is all you need and guaranty of quality products.

3. Soap Production
If you have a desire for fast moving consumer goods, liquid, bar soap production is not a bad idea. This business requires about 100,000 naira to start.
From records, Nigerians venturing into this business increase every year which presents you a perfect opportunity to gain from the market share. There are a lot of investors in this relatively cheap business so give it a go and make a huge profit from it. Get your customers from far and near with quality brand and packaging.

4. Boiler poultry farming
This is one of the easiest businesses to start with little money. The business requires expertise on how to nurture these chicks to keep them safe from being infected.

The best way to excel in this business is to consult an expert in poultry business who will give an expert advice on the mode of operation.
The major thing you needed in this business is an availability of space and water supply. An important caveat about this business is the fact that it’s seasonal although it is not totally seasonal.

5. Restaurant business
Amass great wealth with a nice restaurant business in Nigeria. Considering the fact most single ladies and men prefer eating at well decent restaurant where delicious food is being served.

You only need two things- nice meals and neat environment. This business flourishes well in urban areas like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, among other states where residents are often busy and find it hard to cook.

6. Roadside Bar:
Another business you can venture into with 100,000 Naira is roadside bars also called beer parlours. From observation, Nigerians visit these joints every evening to chill out with friends, relax and catch fun.

The business isn’t restricted to just-drinks alone or selling the most demanded beer. You can start with beer sales alongside delicacies like pepper soups, among others.

All you need do is to get a strategic location with a high demand for this service. The setup of your joint matters. You can take advantage of the massive love for football in Nigeria by adding a mini football viewing centre to your business.

Trust me, while they patronise drinks, they also enjoy football viewing. Fried snail, suya, chicken barbecue and fish pepper soup can also be added. On top of that, excellent customer service is needed for the success of this business.

7. Smoothie and Juice Bar:
You can also take advantage of many people seeking out healthier options. If you have a passion for healthier foods, serving people, then Smoothie and juice bar production is just the best for you. With about 50,000 naira or more, you can start the smoothie and juice bar production business.

Family and friends can help advertise your business to potential customers. You can make the smoothie for events like wedding, naming ceremonies, seminars, among other programmes. You can extend your reach to university campuses across Nigeria and make huge cash from the business.

8. Web and Graphics design
This is another business you will spend just little on learning the nitty-gritty of web design and graphics. The duration of learning depends on you but afterwards, you can launch out to making a dream company where you design websites for clients earning massively.

A senior colleague earns over 100,000 from designing a website for clients with a nice business proposal.

If you have a flair for learning new things and developing yourself, to learn new things and largely tech savvy then you can officially launch into the business.

9. Fashion Designing / Tailoring
The fashion trend in Nigeria is making a serious wave and this is another business with little or no capital to start once you have acquired enough skill to sow, design and craft various clothing materials.

You only need to acquire your sewing machine, get customers to patronize you and off you go. Quality service and nice designs will surely make you expanding spending less on things needed to make people look good and charge them at your own discretion to enrich your purse.

10. Daycare services
Another business you can venture into with 100,000 Naira is Daycare services. You only need a place up for rent or lease that will accommodate children and the best services available.

Building of trust from parents who leave their kids and adequate care is all you need to run this business. The ratings and satisfaction you get from them will enable more expansion.

Your love for kids will actually be a driving force especially for females who care to impact lives of children from childhood.
From the above, it is crystal clear that no matter how little your start-up capital is, these business ideas are available for you to explore. However, the extent to which the business prospers depends largely on you.


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10 Business Ideas You Can Start With ₦100,000

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