Need a Blog?

You Need a Blog?


See 10 reasons why you need a blog here.

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My name is Noah Ansa, I own this blog ( and I’ve been the reason behind the creation and success of so many blogs in Nigeria since 2013 including, etc.


Have you ever thought of owning a blog where you can share your thoughts, ideas, updates, news, gist to the world, friends or loved ones? Welcome, you have stepped into the right hands.

Trust me I am going to set up your blog in a way that it’ll suit your taste.
I also specialize in forum creation like that of,,

Do You Know You Can Also Make Money Online From Your Blog too?
Yes, it’s real. You can make money online via blogging from Google Adsense, online advertising, selling e-books and items etc.

PRICE for WordPress Blog is $150 = N54,000 only

PRICE for Blogger Blog is $50 = N18,000 only

Price for Nigerian Google Adsense account is 20,000 only


If you Order for a WordPress blog creation and need an Adsense account too, I will give you a Nigerian Google Adsense account for just N15,000.

I will design according to the niche, layout, color, and features needed.


How To Contact Me
You can contact directly on Facebook here

Phone: +2348136278802

Send SMS or WhatsApp to +2348136278802










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